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Thursday, January 29, 201501/29/2015

The 17 Reasons You May Be An Undateable Girl

Apparently, being single in your twenties is currently some sort of epidemic?? >> Check out this list, and tell me…

cat house

Tuesday, January 27, 201501/27/2015

A California man spent $40,000 turning his house into a playground for his 15 cats

He calls it the “House of Nekko.” (means cat in Japanese) A dude spent the past two decades converting his house into…


Friday, January 23, 201501/23/2015

Carl’s Jr. Racy Super Bowl Ad Causing Drama

Many are upset that Carl’s Jr.’s ad is too sexual(in nature) for primetime TV. The ad features model Charlotte McKinney …what…


Wednesday, January 21, 201501/21/2015

When you remove the music from the ‘Friends’ intro things get awkward

What happens when you film each other getting silly by a water fountain, without music to hide the awkward sounds?…

winter myth

Wednesday, January 7, 201501/07/2015

You’re wasting gas!!

“The Washington Post” just did a story on whether or not warming up your car before you drive actually DOES…

Kourtney Kardashian Shopping

Tuesday, December 16, 201412/16/2014

You’re Most Likely to Get Accidentally Knocked Up in the Next Two Weeks

More than HALF of women in the study said they’d forgotten to take a birth control pill, used the morning…


Friday, December 5, 201412/05/2014

The Most Instagrammed Place in All 50 States For 2014

What’s the most Instagrammed place in every U.S. state this year?  A good bet is a sports venue, but a…


Wednesday, December 3, 201412/03/2014

2014: wrap it up, with a mashup!


Tuesday, November 11, 201411/11/2014


This Guy Caught His Friend’s Wife Cheating On Him With A Bartender So He Took A Video And Put It…

Movie Stills of Sienna Miller and Daniel Craig in Layer Cake 2004

Thursday, November 6, 201411/06/2014

Our Top Five Turnoffs When Having Sex With Someone For the First Time

A new survey found the top turnoffs when people have sex with you for the first time.  And the good…

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