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Wednesday, August 27, 201408/27/2014

Three Reasons You’re in a Bad Mood This Morning

According to the Huffington Post: 1.  You’re not getting enough fruits and vegetables.  A recent study found that people who…

improv iggy

Tuesday, August 19, 201408/19/2014

Iggy Improv!

Dis is cray. Yes, I just used the word cray.


Monday, August 18, 201408/18/2014

Ice Milk Challenge

Check me out doin’ the Ice Milk Challenge (it’s a Wisconsin version of the classic Ice Water Challenge)! Plus we…


Thursday, August 14, 201408/14/2014

HILARIOUS: Cell phone crashing @ the airport

Don’t you hate it when you’re out in public and you can hear someone’s ENTIRE phone conversation? Everyone has encountered…


Wednesday, August 13, 201408/13/2014

World Premiere: BLACK WIDOW!

Iggy and Rita go all ‘Kill Bill’ in this video. They bring serious heat, choppin’ dudes up with swords, in their skin tight body suits.…


Tuesday, August 12, 201408/12/2014

SH** Wisconsinites say…

I’ll agree with 3/4 of this video…especially the :51 mark!


Thursday, August 7, 201408/07/2014

And now…President Obama sings “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea

Cheesy at first, then it becomes quite impressive!


Thursday, July 31, 201407/31/2014

Do you know The Universal Hot Crazy Matrix on Women?

Whether you’re a guy or girl…you have to admit, this is hysterical. Not to mention pretty spot on. Agree?

dmx coaster

Wednesday, July 30, 201407/30/2014

Watch DMX lose his SH** on a roller coaster- Hilarious!

DMX was at an amusement park in Orlando when he decided to ride the slingshot. The slingshot had a camera…

rude response feat image

Monday, July 14, 201407/14/2014

“Dad” responds to Magic’s song “Rude”

You’ve heard the song “Rude” about 100 times already…ready for the response?? Here’s a song, written and performed by Benji…

Recent Headlines

in Music

Justin Bieber charged with dangerous driving

Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber drives a quad bike at the beach as he takes a break in a resort in Punta Chame on the outskirts of Panama City in a January 27, 2014 file photo.

Justin Bieber has been charged with dangerous driving and assault following an altercation and collision on Friday.

in Music

Kanye West confronted SNL comedian over MTV VMAs spoof

Kanye West American rapper, songwriter, record producer, film director, entrepreneur, and fashion designer, Kanye West attends the Cannes Lions 2014, 61st International Advertising Festival in Cannes, southern France, Tuesday, June 17, 2014. The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival is a world's meeting place for professionals in the communications industry.

Kanye West has urged SNL's Jay Pharoah not to make light of his hard work after the rapper was spoofed during the MTV Video Music Awards.

in Entertainment

Angelina Jolie debuts wedding dress featuring kids’ artwork

The cover of People magazine, dated 15th September, 2014, featuring the wedding of Angelina Jolie to Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie has debuted photos of her surprise nuptials to Brad Pitt, revealing she wore a designer wedding gown featuring artwork by their six children.

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